Microsoft Office 365 e-Mail Account


 How to access your new Email Account

  1. Before you access your new mailbox for the first time, you will require a student number.
  2. Once you have been allocated a student number, open a browser and go to
  3. Sign in using your new email username: and the password is set to P@ssword2015 (where xxxxx is your student number)
  4. You will need to change your password using the following password rules. (Click here to view password requirements)
  5. You now will have logged on to your e-Mail account.


Mobile phones and devices

Server settings
(used by IMAP clients and some mobile devices)

*Please note that IMAP is not compatible with the PCTBC WiFi Infrastructure.

External IMAP settings
Password: Your email password
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

External SMTP settings
Password: Your email password
Server Name: 
Port: 587 
Encryption method: TLS




Select an option from the two listed below:

Option 1: Activesync (Note: Not all Android phones support this option.)
Option 2: IMAP




Follow these instructions:
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Pearl


Apple iPhone/iPad


Select an option from the two listed below:
Option 1 (Preferred): Exchange Mail
Option 2: IMAP


Windows Mobile


Follow these instructions:Windows Mobile


Nokia (Symbian)


Select an option from the two listed below.
Option 1: Mail for Exchange Follow instructions for an ActiveSync setup.
Note: Mail for Exchange is integrated to the latest Nokia device models including Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia E75, Nokia E72, Nokia E55, Nokia E52, Nokia E5, Nokia N8, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia C7, Nokia C6, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6710 Navigator and Nokia 6700 slide.(More information)For other S60-based devices, Mail for Exchange can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone by following these instructions.

Option 2: IMAP