What is myRGI.co.za?

Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology provides students and alumni with access to the following  services:

  • Microsoft Live e-Mail account for life 
  • Online storage through Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Access to Microsoft Office 365 Web Applications
  • Access to the ICAS Learners Online Portal

For more information on these services, click on an option in the side Navigation Bar.


Click on an icon below to access to the relevant service: 

Login to Emerald Insight

Login to

Login to Microsoft

Login to
Microsoft Office 365

Login to Learners Online


Login to Moodle

How to access your new Email Account

  1. Before you access your new mailbox for the first time, you will require a student number.
  2. Once you have been allocated a student number, open a browser and go to http://login.microsoftonline.com/
  3. Sign in using your new email username: xxxxxx@my.richfield.ac.za and the password is set to Richfield@2016 (where xxxxxx is your student number)
  4. You will need to change your password using the following password rules. (Click here to view password requirements)
  5. You now will have logged on to your e-Mail account.